Viertel Zwei +

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Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


48.2123, 16.4126

EU-wide Open Architectural Competition, 2014
2nd Place, 2nd Stage Competition Entry

Architectural Concept

The orientation of the property as well as the situation in the entire surrounding area, in relation to the V2+ specifications, result in the positioning and arrangement of the building dimensions and the open space on construction site 1.

The rethinking of the design of the existing area, with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the accesses, a public main square, integration to Viertel 2, extension of the foot axis from Vienna University of Economics, and the creation of a distinctive design of the building structures, taking into account an optimal and economical implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.

This project is a strategy that refers to an urban script, which consists of everyday known elements that overlap in many layers / levels.

The complex urban structure is characterized by diversity, liveliness and permeability. The new relations between the known and partly new elements are the mechanisms that allow an environment to be balanced. Since pluralism/diversity, multi-colour and vibrancy have become the key characteristics of urban space, programme diversity and adaptability/flexibility of open spaces have become increasingly important arguments in the choice of working and living space.

The urban planning concept is based on the overlapping of the urban structure and the landscape. The permeability between the building components enhances the transparency of the interior open space.

Quiet ground floor zones form a base. Staggered and rhythmic structures determine the main view from Trabrennstraße. Horizontal and vertical structuring of the elements form an unmistakable urban and architectural composition.

In the following areas, the tripartite division of the structures represents a new interpretation of the characteristic buildings/facades of the Wiener Block: Pedestal, Piano Nobile, standard floors, roofscape

The overlapping with the plot and the open space results in a complex urban identity-forming structure. The large continuous open space offers differentiated public and semi-public areas, and it forms a green carpet in the area of the quiet inner field, which extends over the sloping surface of the base zone to the level of the 1st floor - Piano Nobile. The differentiated open space design enables permeable, public green and square areas, as well as secure, semi-public spaces for the various users. It can be seen as a kind of "emphasized topography" which is determined by elements such as light "leisure landscapes" of grass meadows, sports strips, youth centers, playgrounds, meeting and infrastructure points, reserve areas.

Green carpet: semi-public area with playable surfaces Children's playground, meeting point, resting areas, stairs for sitting and lying down, sitting and playing in the slope and on the level of the Piano Nobile. The green design of the interior connects all components into a coherent and project-determining large green space. This creates a great visual transparency. Due to the permeability a manifold guidance of the pedestrian connections is provided.

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