Stadtpark Kindergarten

Project data




10.000 m2

48.2052, 16.3825

Rethinking the urban planning matrix of the district on the edge of Vienna's inner city and the historic park and creating a distinctive design is the starting point of the conceptual approach.

A concept based on the existing green space structure of the surrounding area, in consideration of the preservation of the tree population and the creation of a high architectural standard, stands out as the identity donor of the new development with the greatest possible open space.

This environment will be given a new roofscape as a concise, urbanistic symbol, while complying with the building regulations.

The two-storey, compact building is integrated into the historic park and, together with the newly created forecourt, forms a new spatial sequence that lends the area new qualities.

The internal organisation of the individual areas of both facilities is clearly arranged and connected by short distances. A flowing, transparent transition between the interior and exterior spaces as well as their interspaces allows for the variety of use necessary in kindergarten operations.

The building is characterised by its compact and distinctive form, which blends in concisely with the surroundings. Thus the kindergarten is a new, urbanistic symbol.

The concept enables the open kindergarten operation, which is characterized by safety, freedom and retreat possibilities for the children.

The main idea is to create a common, quiet open space by positioning the buildings in relation to the street and by providing additional noise protection.

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