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Competition Rathausstraße 1

Urban Planning Solution

The location of the new town house in a neuralgic, urbanistic ensemble is defined by its integration into the historical grid of the town hall square and the edge of the city towards the suburbs. The compact, layered structure, with its contextual approach, forms a clear and consistent urbanistic gesture on the glacis. The planned building formulations in interaction with the town hall carrée and its street lines create new, exciting visual relationships.

Architectural Solution

As a new interpretation, the stacking of the design cubatures creates a clear reference to the vertical arrangement of the neighbouring Wilhelminian style facades.

The division is made in:
Base zone (A) in the sense of the entrance level and the Piano Nobile
Corpus (B) up to the cornices and,
Superstructure (C) as roof level.

The new town house has differentiated building lines: The plinth zone opens up to create a large pedestrian zone in the entire outdoor area. The corpus follows the reference axes of the surrounding buildings and the superstructure reflects the building lines of the town hall square.

The height division of the entire building follows the design principles of the Wilhelminian style buildings and takes over the reference heights from the base (mezzanine), cornices and the roof structure. This concludes the idea of the historical ensemble.

The new building lines of the town house open up the visual axes along the Auersperg- and Landesgerichtsstraße. The view from Josefstätterstraße to Stefansdom is accentuated by the alignment of the buildings.

Functional Solution

From the widespread covered entrance area one enters the lobby with a spacious, light and bright atrium as a central location of the new townhouse. In the superstructure, the atrium changes into an atrium which serves to illuminate the rooms.

From the widespread covered entrance zone, one enters the lobby with a generous, light-flooded atrium as a central location of the new town house. In the upper part of the building, the atrium changes into an atrium, which serves for the lighting of the rooms.

The spacious, modern, open-plan town house contains comfortable, high-quality, tenant-independent usable areas, bright rooms, as well as open and flexible office structures, which enable various office uses from individual offices to combi-offices (the wide combi-zones, which are designed with meeting zones and storage areas with different furniture, offer generous communication areas for meetings, exchange of opinions, projections) up to the open-plan office with all necessary ancillary rooms.

The concept provides for a defusing and changing of the traffic situation as well as the creation of a pedestrian zone with traffic-calmed, adjacent urban space in the Stadion-, Doblhoff-, and Rathausstraße.

The new urban zone is proposed as a forum in the form of a deepened, public level with various flexible uses such as restaurants, shops and access to local suppliers.

Public access from the pedestrian zone or the forum and from the town hall to the parking garage with 220 parking spaces.

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