Partitition 16

Project data




48, 16

This project represents a strategy that addresses an urban script that responds to the contextual environment and allows a maximum qualitative exploitation of the existing building and the dedication specifications.

The reuse and reprogramming becomes the theme of the concise design of the facade front and is taken up with its cubic elements conceived on the existing structure and facade openings. These design elements in cantilevered, flush and recessed positions form an unmistakable composition and enable the address formation of the new residential building.

To implement the given program, which is essentially characterized by the majority of small apartments, a solution was chosen that fills the structure of the skeleton building with optimal apartment typologies and allows for a green oasis in the courtyard.

The private and common garden landscape on the roof of the garage is offered as a spacious green garden with a playground for small children, garden sheds as well as urban gardening recreation zones.

The structure with the formative grid structure of the static system, space-creating facade elements and a green courtyard garden, are characterized like a score by diversity, liveliness, adaptability and variability.

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