New building of the AHS Vienna – Otto Preminger Street

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School spaces include interaction and presentation zones, areas for research, creativity development and sharing. These spaces support educators in teaching necessary "skills" such as personal and social responsibility, collaboration, learning, digital literacy, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

The space as a third educator with high quality of living and sustainable design of the building is the concept of this project.

The central element - the heart - is the bright, common "Hall for All." All, communal space groupings are structured around this compact communicative space lined by the tiered school open space. Direct lines of sight to the administrative spaces and prominent access via seating steps or free-hanging stairs guide students and teachers to their respective classrooms.

The three different sequences of open spaces - green school forecourt, shoulder terrace and school garden - create exciting outdoor learning and recreation zones that can be played with in different ways, and allow for varied lighting moods inside throughout the day. In the school building, living qualities count in the dimensioning of the spatial structure up to the design.

Learning islands and learning zones around the hall and in the outdoor space provide spontaneously usable, flexible learning spaces. Small niches and seating areas allow students to linger during recess and encounter zones between classes. All recreational and all-day classrooms have a direct connection to the outdoor space.

Clusters form manageable zones with open learning zones. Floor-to-ceiling sliding walls between classrooms and central learning zones create differentiated, open spaces that resemble a large living room more than a school. Thus, the classrooms become a second living room for everyone in the building.

The covered entrance zone with the school forecourt offers differentiated public and semi-public areas and forms with the auditorium, the multi-purpose room and the library a space that can be experienced in many ways. Thus, an exciting transition is created with playable surfaces, meeting places, dwell zones for learning, sitting, meeting, and social exchange in the midst of the school's daily routine.


Due to the noise pollution on the street, a rather closed facade is required, which is made bright and friendly by greenery and sun protection awnings. Towards the courtyard and the direct neighborhood, an open space zone with balconies and loggias is docked. Here, the facade is also more open and brings the school open space into the building. Green islands in front of and around the building create the distinctive image of the residential school.


The school forecourt and main entrance are oriented at the same level to the quieter, neighborhood-developing Otto-Preminger-Strasse.

The spatial program is accommodated in a compact structure with air spaces along the street. The structure is set back about 9 m from the building line and thus maximizes the school's open space to the west. This green space interacts with the kindergarten open space from the adjacent Building Site 01 to the west.

The terrain gradients are taken into account in the design. The school building docks with the surrounding terrain on three levels with adequate uses of space.

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