Liese Prokop Private School

Project data



Awards / Phase

3.3rd place


10.000 m2

48.0987, 16.3113

3rd Place, Competition, 2011


The orientation of the property as well as the overall urban development situation result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses on the school building site.

The rethinking of the existing sports area, the formulation of the new access of the ensemble, as well as the creation of a distinctive design of the building masses, taking into account the innovative approaches of the new pedagogical concept (cluster), forms the starting point of the conceptual approach.

Independent, solitary arrangement of the three-storey, compact and articulated structure in relation to the existing buildings. Only the new room wing on the 2nd floor is planned as a bridge over the old building and represents the connection between the existing building and the new school building.

Creation of large open spaces on the roof areas of the existing building as well as in the south and east of the property.

The assembly hall connects the individual areas barrier-free. The hall is at the same time a hub and distributor for the different areas and extends over 21/2 floors. A flowing transition between the interior and exterior spaces, as well as the marketplace, the interspaces and the hall, allows for the varied, individual use required in the operation.

Adjacent and collapsible market places of two clusters per floor. Division of the marketplaces by easily movable, acoustic partitions to two separately usable clusters is possible.

Lighting of the marketplaces via spacious inner courtyards, terraces in front of the buildings, as well as via skylight glazing of the partition walls to the educational rooms.

Multifunctional and flexible use of the market places and learning rooms as well as parts of the hall as: Development, movement rooms, group work and recreation room, learning islands for open instruction.

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