Construction of a federal upper secondary school for competitive athletes

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The new building of the ball sports high school is placed in the heterogeneous urban context as a strong urbanistic sign. The compact volume closes the gap between the scaled different structures.
On the one hand, the mega volume of the stadium forms the framework, on the other hand, the permeable structure of the new housing complex with the neighborhood park as well as the small-grained, idyllic garden settlement.
The building volume follows a clear formal language in its setting and the essential alignments of the surrounding buildings enhance the space around Viola Park.

The structure of the ball sports school is designed as a four-story building, with the first floor receding significantly, acting as a transition zone and providing more space and interchange opportunities with outdoor functions.
The school spaces include interaction, presentation and movement zones to develop creativity and exchange. These spaces support educators in teaching necessary "skills" such as personal and social responsibility, collaboration, learning, digital literacy, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, which along with movement, are important aspects of growing up.
The space as a third educator with high quality of living and sustainable design of the building is the concept of this project. Under the guiding principle of school as an inclusive, mobile-flexible place of learning and working, framework conditions for successful joint teaching and learning - with a focus on sports - are developed and implemented.
The central element - the heart - is the bright auditorium as a common "hall for all". All common room groupings are arranged around this compact, communicative space. Direct lines of sight to the ball gymnasium and prominent access via seating steps guide students and faculty to their respective home bases and classrooms.
The three different open space sequences:
- the large Horrplatz as forecourt and covered entrance zone,
- the auditorium with seating steps in view of the ball sports hall, and
- the surrounding school garden offering sports areas - create exciting learning and recreation zones that can be played in different ways.
The auditorium, the dining hall and the multi-purpose room in the interior as well as garden areas allow for atmospheres that can be experienced and used in many different ways throughout the day. Thus, exciting transitions with playable surfaces, dwell zones for learning, meeting places, seating areas and for social exchange in the midst of the school's daily routine are created.

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