Chamber of Labour Vienna 2

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2.2nd place


48.1942, 16.3753

Competition Chamber of Labour Vienna 2 in the Plösslgasse

2. Place in the Three-Step Procedure

The independent, solitary, and compact arrangement of the seven-storey is structured by layering.

With its contextual approach as part of the perimeter block development and simultaneous function as a head building and conclusion of the existing development of Plösslgasse, the new building forms an urbanistic gesture.

The new Chamber of Labour 2 building is characterized by the formulation of the three façade fronts and three boxes and it is intended to convey quality and transparency through its architectural concept.

The public passage situated on the ground floor was moved directly next to the neighbouring building in order to create a generous open space to the north and east. It is directly docked to the AK2 building, with possible direct access. With an art installation, e.g. using a prismatic turner, an exciting spatial effect of moving and changing images can be achieved.

To the north of the building, the garden was extended to the currently paved area, and the tree population in the entire surrounding area was preserved. Due to the relocation of the öDg, the new AK2 building has a direct relationship to the green space to allow employees to work undisturbed.

A dedicated positioning of the öDG (Austria Diabetes Association), is basically possible without further changes.

The creative and functional bridge to the Technical and Commercial Evening School is created by the design of the building structure (offset front facade above the öDG on the 1st and 2nd floors) and the shared space in front of the two buildings, with the aim of training the new AK education campus and improving communication.

The building offers interesting view relations and views from the individual rooms, especially from the attic, the garden, the surrounding green space, the main building of the AK, and the street space.

The main entrance is located on Plösslgasse, and it is defined by a recess in the façade on the ground floor and the resulting newly created street space niche.

Nesting, stratification: The first box contains the functions of the consultancy, its management and the common area, the second the entire controlled IT area including reserve. The conference area with lounge area, cafe, and the assigned terrace is implemented in the attic in the form of the third box.

The internal organisation of the individual units is clearly arranged, and short distances are provided. The entrance, as well as the foyer, form a hub that connects the individual areas barrier-free. The entrances for employees and visitors are physically separated.

The consultation centre (AK NÖ or the Chamber of Labour Lower Austria) contains comfortable, bright rooms as well as open waiting areas for customers, which at the same time provide a sufficient degree of privacy for consultations.

The meeting and training room is located in the basement with an outdoor area (courtyard) with seating steps in front.

The wide combination zones, in which all storage and stowage areas are designed with different furniture, offer generous communication areas for meetings, exchange of opinions, projections etc.

The aisle partitions in the office area are constructed with glass system walls. Wooden door panels will be integrated as visual protection against direct eye contact with the workplace.

From the open, spacious chill-out zone and the conference hall of the Social Academy on the top floor, there is an extraordinary view of the garden and the main building of the Chamber of Labour Wien.

The construction method and the clear and economical construction system allows the structure to be used flexibly and allows for later room changes due to changes in use.

The wall in the public passageway could serve as an art passage or as a carrier medium (AK Plakatsujets). The illuminated prismatic turners, proposed as carriers for the art projects, give the impression of a moving wall on the one hand, and on the other hand change the perception due to the changeable viewing angles of the passers-by.

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