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The orientation of the site as well as the existing situation in relation to the specifications for the education campus result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses on the building site. The rethinking of the design of the development area with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the access and the use of the open space, taking into account an optimal and economic implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The arrangement of the three-storey structure with direct connection to the open spaces as well as a direct connection to the street space and path network of the surrounding settlement structures, including the formation of a covered forecourt, which serves as a transition from public to semi-public areas, are the basis for the implementation.

The structuring and setting of the open space is achieved by positioning the new structure and creating new garden situations with ideally usable open space directly assigned to the toddler groups and educational spaces.

The three-storey structure is planned with a separation between semi-public programme on the ground floor and private areas (beavers) on the upper floors.

Due to the location of the building, additional open space is achieved by means of the generous learning and recreation garden on the roof level for all educational and learning zones.

Along the respiratory aisle, the elongated forecourt is arranged as a linear transition, recreation and buffer zone with meeting points, seating and bicycle parking areas.
In addition, the forecourt defines a clear separation from the street space and a structural edge to the new development by the boundary of the roof garden.

The largest possible sunny open spaces with the different zones, uses and switchable areas are created.

The roof garden with the outdoor communication and learning zones expands the space available to the beavers.

The public areas on the ground floor can be reached via Campusgasse and then via the staircase to the beavers on the upper floors.

The internal organisation of the individual units is clearly laid out with short distances. Campusgasse is both the hub and distributor of the different areas (short distances and therefore easy orientation) and offers meeting rooms.

The campus building consists of a small basement, a ground floor and two upper floors with separate access to the remedial classes, the youth centre, the ballroom, the gymnasiums and the kitchen.

For larger events, there are many possibilities to offer generous spaces: the individual areas on the ground floor such as the ballroom, Campusgasse and gymnasium are combined with the outdoor spaces and inner patios to form large common areas for such events.

The kitchen area on the ground floor is positioned with connection to the vertical access. Short distances between the units, short horizontal and vertical delivery routes and optimal lighting of all rooms are provided.

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