Roof Leveling for the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Extension

The construction work is progressing rapidly, last week the traditional roof leveling of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Extensionn was celebrated.


Start of Construction of Housing in Mühlbauquartier

Together with Alpenland and WET, the construction site for the residential quarter Mühlbach Ost will start in spring 2020.
A total of 324 apartments in the form of 5 residential blocks and 6 urban villas will be built on the Niederösterreichring in St. Pölten.
We are looking forward to an early start of construction!


Information on Office Operation / CoV-19


Next Generation in Architektur Aktuell

Architektur Aktuell 6-8/2020
The Thesis of our colleague, Jack Huang, was published in the latest issue of Architektur Aktuell, 6-8/2020 under "Next Generation".


How will we live tomorrow?

Sascha Bradic talks about modern forms of living and our current housing projects at TurnOn 2020.

Now to be seen live at the TurnOn.


TurnOn 2020

Sascha Bradic speaks at the architecture festival TurnOn 2020 in Vienna about the future of living.

Excerpt about the project presentations:
- Community Housing New - Barbara-Prammer-Hof
- Housing in Ziegelhofstraße
- Housing at Mühlbachquartier

Date to note down


"How much less is more?"

Christian Kühn reports in diePresse about our recently completed Gemeindewohnbau Neu, the "first of its kind".

The article in full length can be enjoyed in the Sprektrum or on, under the following link


Ceremonial handover of Community Housing New

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first Community Housing New in Fontanastraße. The handover took place during a ceremonial opening by Mayor Ludwig, Residential City Councillor Gaál, Second President of the National Council of Bures as well as representatives of the City of Vienna, Wigeba and Gesiba.


Staging a Dialogue: Community Center Böheimkirchen

Report about the community centre in Böheimkirchen, building culture and politics, as "Staging a Dialogue". With a text by Christian Kühn.
To be found in the current issue of the ORIS Magazine for Architecture and Culture, issue 118 (summer 2019)


Completion of Community Housing in Fontanastraße

Wien Heute, ORF TV report on the handover of theCommunity Housing New in Fontanastraße which took place on Tuesday:

Video Link


Österreichbild: Civil engineers

In the course of a TV report on civil engineers and candidates, our interns were asked about their views on the job description of the architect.

To be seen at the ORF-TVthek:
Österreichbild, ORF2, 06.10.2019, 18:25


Laying of the foundation stone of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Extension

Sascha Bradic presents the project in the context of the "laying of the foundation stone" ceremony for the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Extension.
The new campus is currently under construction and will be completed by summer 2021. In the future, the campus will offer space for 3,200 students.


Progress of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Extension

The construction work is progressing rapidly. Reinforcement cages are also being tied diligently on hot days. We are happy about the progress!


Essling Elementary School

Rheinzink has included our project for the elementary school on Esslinger Hauptstrasse in its new annual catalogue. We are happy about that!
Photo: (c) Rheinzink


Community Center Böheimkirchen

In the latest edition of the Climate and Energy Fund, our community centre in Böheimkirchen is presented as a "best practice project". Worth reading!