Wilhelminen Hospital

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48.2089, 16.3024

Competition Wilhelminen Hospital, New Nuilding Part 1

Urban Development Aspects

The orientation of the site, the existing situation in relation to the master plan of the Wilhelminen Hospital and the specifications from an urban planning point of view result in the design and structure of the building masses on the building site.

The rethinking of the design of the existing area, in particular the residential development south of Flötzersteig, with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the upstream open space with an event and conference centre, as well as the creation of an unmistakable design of the building structure, taking into account an optimal and economic implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.


The concept provides for a compact building with optimal implementation of the premises according to the space and function program.

The building structure receives a differentiated structuring of the envelope. Through the structuring and setting as well as the design of the street front, the volume is architecturally embedded in the surroundings.

The facade and the interruptions of its front to the Flötzerersteig, the introduction of the element of the green garden and the partly greened facade (fabric net), which encloses the building envelope, define the volume of the building.

Additionally, the strong shape of the cantilever as well as the opening of the common reception area on the ground floor are essential elements of the design concept.

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