Wels Federal Commercial Academy I+II Extension

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5.000 m2

48.1607, 14.0289

Honorable Mention, Architectural Competition, 2014

The planning specifications of the city as well as the existing situation result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses on the school building site.

The rethinking of the design of the existing school area with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the access, as well as the creation of a distinctive design of the building structure, taking into account an optimal and economic implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach. The surrounding area gets a concise, urbanistic sign, by closing the inner courtyard through the arrangement of a four-storey, compact building structure, which is permeable on the ground floor, with connections to the existing building and the creation of the ring access to the ensemble. An optimal implementation of the spatial and functional programme is considered with compliance with the building regulations.

Structuring and framing of the open space is achieved by positioning the new structure. It results in the creation of a new Garden situation with an ideally usable green playground, directly adjacent to the multi-purpose room and the school, and outdoor space. For all classrooms and group rooms, we offer an optimal solution, through the positioning of the building, for ideal sunshine and light exposure.

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