Vösendorf Elementary School Extension

Project data



Awards / Phase

1.1st place


10.000 m2

48.1227, 16.3392

1st Prize, Competition

The rethinking of the urbanistic composition of the municipality Vösendorf refers to the overlay of existing structures and free / public space as identity maker.
Regarding to this typological elements,- the characteristic L-shaped buildings with stretched plots, the project develops a kind of “accentuated typology” that comes into dialogue with the surrounding. This environment gets an incisive urbanistic sign.
The two storey high, compact and angular building fits in the existing plot of the primary school, forming a new space sequence and developing new qualities for the site.
The intern organisation is characterised by short distances and clear connections. A floating transition between intern / external spaces and in between rooms enables a flexible use in running the school.

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