Vinzenzgasse Nursing Home

Project data




30.000 m2

48.2244, 16.3346


With its compact form, the building forms an urbanistic reference to the dense development of the immediate surroundings of the building site. The main access in the area of Vinzenzgasse is defined by a slight bend in the building structure and a two-storey elevated forecourt zone. In order to divide the space allocation plan floor by floor, a classical structure of the building is used: base, Piano Nobile, upper floors

The shape as well as the height of the building are determined by the spacing regulations of the Vienna Building Regulations. In addition, the roof shape continues on all sides of the building up to the last floor. The staggering of the last three floors sloping down towards the city allows an urbanistic adaptation to the surroundings. This creates generous roof terraces with movement areas, sun decks, quiet areas protected from wind and sun, and a wonderful view towards the city centre.

The entrance hall serves as a turntable and extends over two floors with a view of the inner courtyard, the street space and the school grounds.
From the hall you can reach the reception, the registration or the waiting area for examination and therapy. The medical treatment rooms are connected with physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as the university of applied sciences above, in order to enable synergies. The therapy rooms are preceded by open spaces in the inner courtyard.

On the left side of the entrance hall there are free areas for external use. Here, for example, a local supplier could be accommodated, who would provide social mixing for residents of the quarter as well as for the house and its staff. From the light-flooded entrance hall, the university of applied sciences and the kindergarten can be reached along the courtyard. The lifts and staircases lead to the respective care or residential ward.

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