Village im Dritten - Homeshelf

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48.1882, 16.3948

The framework of the precisely determined development planning is used in the best possible way with the spatial program of the client.

The entrance to the residential building on Otto-Preminger-Strasse is led via a small forecourt into a spacious foyer, which underlines the address formation for the residential building.
Another access to the residential building is situated coming from the park from the south.

Towards Otto-Preminger-Strasse, at the corner of the park access, a commercial area with its own open space is offered. The co-working zone / leasable area is situated on a mezzanine floor above the ancillary residential rooms and accessible from the foyer.
The edge of the terrain is formulated as an active and attractive base zone with the clod of commercial space and residential service rooms.

The course of the terrain creates a "natural" barrier between the park and the inner courtyard. Thus, the formulation as a semi-public courtyard with small children's playground and common areas is obvious.
Windows to the courtyard. The park works into the courtyard; conversely, the elevated level allows pleasant views into the park The southwestern meeting courtyard facing the park allows for multiple uses: Community space, special housing, or studio/workshop with views to Central Park.
On the park level facing the east and thus the school campus, the 4-group kindergarten is located with a spacious and optimally usable garden.

The residential building is accessed via two spacious, bright staircases with outdoor space and greenery. Both staircases are connected in the courtyard area and via the community terrace. Both staircases also lead directly to the garage floor and to optional storage rooms.
The bicycle rooms are accessed at ground level from Otto-Preminger-Strasse or from the park and are directly connected to the staircases. The specifications of the bicycle guideline are implemented.

Soft wooden shell with a wide variety of apartments
The Scholle inserts itself into the topography, forms a niche as a forecourt with seating, the place for meeting, a place for a meeting in between for a Plauscherl.

Wooden living shelf features a stacked structure on the Different apartment floor types with each assigned individual open spaces, hybrid of loggia and balcony with plenty of space for plants.

These staggered and rhythmic balcony/loggia elements define the appearance of the facade. The various floor-to-ceiling windows, which appear lively due to their different offsets and proportions, create a homely atmosphere.

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