Vienna University of Technology Staircase 10

Project data



Awards / Phase



5.000 m2

in asscoiation with Architect Helmut Neumayer

48.1989, 16.3692

Vienna University of Technology
Safety Renovation

Staircase 10

Staircase 10 is one of the cornerstones of the safety renovation of the Vienna University of Technology at Karlsplatz. It enables the escape of the middle wing and the attic with the domed hall of the Karlstrakt.

The construction of Staircase 10 is essentially a double scissor staircase connected by a common central landing which acts as a student residence and meeting point. The connection of the two scissor staircases also leads to cascade-like staircase situations and allows the building to be walked on in ever new ways.

The shell stands out from the structures in Courtyard 1 of the Vienna University of Technology and unfolds a new charm by means of a simple Z-profile construction. Due to their different angles, the profiles can act as sun protection.

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