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48.1992, 16.3729

Function Refurbishment and Extension of the Vienna Museum on Charles' Square

Contribution, Architectural Competition, 2015


The concept is based on the strategic idea of giving a clear expression to Karlsplatz, through the help of the reconstruction of the Wien Museum.
The new front follows the logic of the axes and lines of sight of the surrounding perimeter block development. The basic idea takes up the urbanistic concept of the formation of the square as an essential part of the urban narrative. The new museum does not compete with the Karlskirche, and thanks to the adapted volumentry, it fits into the dramaturgy of the cityscape.
Karlsplatz develops into a stage for a global city, Vienna, on which encounters, education, and art will take place. This urban structure combines old and new to create a new field of tension; namely a place that radiates communication, liveliness, and permeability.

A public museum square articulates itself as an open, demographic space, which simultaneously forms a forecourt and more intimate open-air “living-room” to the museum. This new level of social and cultural exchange, which includes a coffee bar, the museum entrance, and a showroom, offers space for various events (art education, cinema under the stars, concerts, markets, festivals, open days, etc.).
Moreover, the border between the public and the museum is elastic, and it can be adapted to the programmatic use. Hence the idea: "Museum is for everyone and can be experienced 24/7" - Art plus "reflection room for old-established people, newcomers to Vienna and short-term guests" - is very clearly expressed.

The desired social perception of the museum, as a mediating and educational institution available to the wider public, finds its architectural expression in the pulsating, transparent space of the porch extension structure. The entrance, the development, and the foyer, which extends vertically over all levels, form a spatial structure. When combined together with the museum forecourt, they are capable of creating a programmatic landscape that opens and defines Karlsplatz.

The vertical foyer is a place of communication and movement. It also contains independent functioning spaces that can be used as a children’s museum, public forums, education and space serving the region of Vienna.

The existing building will be covered with single-storey lightweight construction, and the listed building will be treated extremely carefully. The facades and all structural elements, that are to be preserved according to the regulations for the protection of historical monuments, will remain an integral part of the concept in its entirety.

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