Urban Score for Leopoldstadt

Project data




48.2225, 16.3701

Open Urban Planning Competition, 2020
LeopoldQuartier 1020 Vienna

The design follows the urban dramaturgy of the Danube Canal area and is characterized like a score by liveliness, permeability and variability. The basis of the typology is contextually the recycled Wiener Block. The Hofgarten, surrounded by the "4 Islands", functions both within the structure and in the larger contextural space as a central mediator:
From the Augarten to the Danube Canal. The pedestal at Obere Donaustraße 23-27 (building sites A,B) connects and separates the different uses from arrival to distribution. While the 2nd basement level accommodates 160 additional car parking spaces and the 1st basement level houses conference areas, the Piano Nobile of the pedestal zone offers open spaces arranged by public interest.

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