Urban Development Area Wolfganggasse Eichenstraße

Project data




50.000 m2

48.1796, 16.3468

The Long Courtyard
Urban Score for Meidling

Contribution to the Cooperative Planning Procedure
Wolfganggasse - Eichenstrasse, 1120 + 1050 Vienna

Like a score, the structure and the spaces between them are characterized by diversity, liveliness, adaptability, permeability and variability.

The basis of the typology is the recycled Wiener Block.  The individual compact buildings/apartments are part of the common, flexible structure and open for individual adaptations. The neutral typology and the extensive area, on which the housing units extend, allow flexibility for the intermediate space and for the organisation of living space.

The distinction between public and private, borders and transitions, is elastic, and they are determined by the needs of the inhabitants.

The added value of the community encourages dreaming: whoever comes here, experiences garden life in the Long Courtyard, "Central Park", as a green world that permanently provides options for the changing individual and community needs. The long linear open space gives the residential cluster a communal heart: "The Long Courtyard" offers an open playable area with playgrounds, garden and seating areas; 4 islands offer a variety of uses: common room, cooking salon, studio and generation living, start-up restaurants, playrooms, local amenities, and kindergarten.

The planned housing typology and its variability also offers the possibility to organize the concept in the neighborhoods in a participatory way.

1. The Long Courtyard
An open landscape that offers the whole neighbourhood a journey through different atmospheres, added value of community life, and zone of union.

2. Four Islands
The entrance comes with a green buffer winter garden, apartments and special residential types, common rooms, local and commercial zone (local suppliers, Kindergarten).

3. Residential Block
Horizontal residential unit

4. Residential Towers
Vertical arrangement of the apartments

5. Roofscape
Garden landscape, Urban garden, Terraces

6. Urban Margins
Framing of the urban spaces, creation of different spatial situations

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