UN Campus Bonn

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30.000 m2

50.7189, 7.1262


The orientation of the site, the existing situation in relation to the existing UN Campus as well as the specifications from an urban planning point of view result in the design and structure of the building masses on the building site.

The location of the building follows the line of villas along the Rhine and is defined as a further solitaire next to the pump house and the waterworks.
In order to close the campus to the west and to create a connecting square, the building is however set back towards the old parliament building.

Urban Integration

The rethinking of the design of the existing area, in particular of the listed building stock, with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the intermediate open space, as well as the creation of a distinctive design of the building structure, taking into account an optimal and economic implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The concept provides for a compact building with an optimal implementation of the spaces according to the space and function program.
The building structure receives a differentiated structuring of the envelope. The volume is architecturally embedded into the environment by the structuring and setting as well as the design of the fronts.
In addition, the strong form of the cantilever as well as the receding of the ground floor zone towards the park are essential components of the design concept.

Protection of Historical Monuments

On the basis of the location of the building from the central idea in connection with the listed ensemble, only a punctual connection to the existing building (old parliament building) is defined.

The extension building, in terms of its positioning and design, fits into the UN Campus Ensemble in a connecting and complementary manner.

The existing buildings will not be changed except for the connection to the connecting bridge. The medical centre will also be preserved and functionally integrated into the campus.

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