Tulbing Elementary School

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2.2nd place


48.296, 16.1202

New Tulbing Elementary School
2nd Prize, Architecture Competition, 2013

The examination of the context, with regard to its landscape qualities and the location of the of the property, is in relation to the specifications the positioning on the property. The creation of an unmistakable design of the building structures, taking into account an optimal, functional and economical and ecological implementation, is the starting point of the conceptual approach.

Independent, solitary arrangement of the two-storey, compact school building with optimal implementation of the premises according to the space and function programme. Direct connections to the existing green spaces as well as a direct connection to the public development axes are proposed.

Structuring and framing of the open space by positioning the new structure. Creation of new forecourt, playground and garden situations with ideally usable, school-associated Open space on the ground floor and the open space of the roof terrace on the upper floor.
For all teaching and learning zones, the positioning of the building structure ensures optimal Tanning achieved.

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