Süßenbrunn's Partition

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1.1st place


48, 16

Süßenbrunn's partition of three-story plinth, attached building structures and their interstices, are characterized by diversity, liveliness, adaptability, permeability and variability. The height of the base follows the building height of the surrounding residential structures and represents an essential contextual reference.

The targeted placement of the individual attached volumes in the west row and in the head building generates interspaces and permeability, thus creating an unmistakable urban silhouette. This is clearly recognizable, visible from all sides and creates a concise address formation within the project area.

On the one hand, the individual compact residential buildings are part of the common, flexible structure; on the other hand, they are open for individual adjustments, variations in the design of the individual facades, floor plan typologies.

In addition, the generous green open spaces, the Park Nord, the Grüne Fuge and the courtyard terraces of the forecourts offer a variety of opportunities for recreation, exercise and relaxation, as well as spaces for gathering and social exchange.

An additional added value is provided by the community: whoever comes here experiences garden life in the Grüne Fuge and on the courtyard and community terraces - and thus a green-influenced world that provides permanent options for changing, individual and community needs.

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