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30.000 m2

48.2138, 15.6318


The settlement structure of the area of St. Pölten, in which the building site is located, is characterised by heterogeneous development without any recognisable urban planning order. A school axis is proposed along the Mühlbach as an important urbanistic sign. It connects the new building of the University of Applied Sciences from the buildings of the proposed extension till the parking lot, to the railway station and the city centre.

A clear structured, compact building, with four floors and the basement, is proposed. The building is oriented to the project’s substitutable size. The compact building is interspersed with three incisions. One courtyard is arranged above the banqueting hall, the second is designed as a green patio, and the third is used as a quiet terrace on the 2nd and 3rd floors.


A covered forecourt on the western side leads to the centrally located foyer, which serves as a hub and distributor for the various functions. On the ground floor, it provides access to a banqueting hall for approx. 500 people, 5 lecture halls for 700 people, a cafeteria, and a green patio.

On the three upper floors, there are 30 seminar rooms, 6 computer rooms, 20 laboratories, lounges for students, and administrative areas of approximately 2.000m2.

All rooms are organized around a central hall, which is separated from the green patio with a north-facing glass façade. The spatial planning is almost identical on the upper floors, and it differs only slightly in the separation of the general management, course management, and laboratory area on the 3rd floor.

Art Installation

Ingeborg Kumpfmüller

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