Sonnwendviertel Education Campus

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Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


48.1784, 16.3827

2nd Prize, Architectural Competition, 2010


Rethinking the urban planning matrix of the new district, the new planned park and the creation of a distinctive design, taking into account the innovative approaches of the new pedagogical concept, is the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The surrounding area gets a concise, urbanistic sign:

-arrangement of the three-storey, compact and structured structure to the public park
-creation of large open spaces in the south of the property
-optimal sunlight (south and east side) of the learning, group and recreation rooms
-several entrances from the park, cycle and foot paths or from the bus stop above the spacious forecourt (also serves as a venue and meeting point)
-access to the learning and recreation garden on the roof of the gymnasium
-the internal organisation of the individual educational units is clearly arranged and connected via short distances and the linear hall, barrier-free.
-the hall is at the same time a hub and distributor for the different educational units and extends over three floors
-a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces as well as the marketplace and the spaces in between and the hall allows the variety of uses required in operation
-connected and collapsible marketplaces of two clusters per floor
-multiple and flexible use of the market places and learning rooms and partly of the hall as: development and movement rooms, group work and recreation rooms, learning island for open lessons

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