Service Apartments of IST-Austria, Gugging

Project data



Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


20.000 m2

48.3125, 16.2573

General Architectural Principles

The concept of the site for the official housing is based on the master plan of the new campus area, the existing buildings of the IST Austria Ensemble and the topographically special landscape.
The creation of a housing complex with an unmistakable design, taking into account the height development of the site and the needs of the future residents, is the starting point of the conceptual idea.

The surrounding area is given a concise, urban development structure:

_Accommodation of the 90 apartment units in 6 residential buildings and creation of the greatest possible open space.
_Orangement of six two-storey, compact and structured buildings, partly inserted into the slope.
_Orientation of all residential units to the south, or to the west and east.
Creation of the structural completion of the access area of the ISTA site by means of a large open space as well as a garden (barbecue area) in the south-east of the property.

The access is from the parking lot and campus area, with bicycle and foot paths, or from the central building via the access road, planned Delivery, supply and disposal take place via the existing access road.
The organization of the property is clearly arranged and short distances, barrier-free for the required apartments.
The road layout connects the units with each other and with the access road on the south-east side.
The network of paths for the various housing units and especially their intersections serve as meeting points and extended zones for residents to stay and rest.
The recreation zones, sun decks/Bermen and other open spaces form a central zone of being together and expand the living space.
The views into the landscape from the individual residential units and open spaces are a decisive factor for the very high quality of living in the complex.

Social Quality

The arrangement of the residential units allows for open communication and social exchange between the residents, while at the same time ensuring privacy within individual residential units.
A clear separation of the residential buildings allows undisturbed use and at the same time offers the possibility to use them as communication and recreation areas with the open spaces in front of them.
The concept of the apartments allows for "open living", but additionally offers an individual floor plan that is tailored to the users - e.g. merging of the residential units, adaptability etc.
The floor plan solutions also allow accommodation for 2 persons in the 2-room apartments, in addition to the required 3-room apartments.
The open spaces are to be understood as extensions of the living space, with views of the valuable landscape and the dense forest.

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