San Candido School Zone

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New Building and Extension
School Zone San Candido, (IT)

Entry, Architectural Competition, 2014

Urban Planning Aspects, Design, Spatial and Functional Programme

The orientation of the property as well as the existing situation in relation to the specifications for the San Candido school zone result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses on the building site. The rethinking of the design of the area with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the access and the use of the open space, taking into account an optimal and economical implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach. The surrounding area is given an identity-creating urbanistic sign.

The arrangement of the three- to four-storey building structure of the secondary school with direct access via the existing entrance situation as well as a direct connection to the street space and path network of the surrounding settlement structures, including the formation of an attractive forecourt, which serves as a transition from the public to the semi-public area, are the basis for the implementation.

-The structuring and setting of the open space is achieved by positioning the new building of the secondary school and creating a new forecourt situation with ideally usable open space directly assigned to the pupils as well as educational spaces.
The three- or four-storey building of the secondary school is planned with a separation between the semi-public program on the ground floor/middle floor and the private/school area (class group) on the upper floors.
-The location of the two buildings will provide more efficient open space by means of the generous learning and recreation areas as well as optimal sunlighting.
-along the structure of the secondary school, the elongated forecourt is arranged as a linear transition, recreation and buffer zone with meeting points, seating and bicycle parking areas.
-The football field will remain in its present form and position due to its high recognition value and out-of-school use.
-The largest possible open spaces, uses and switchable areas are created. The dense vegetation larch grove shields from the unpleasant north-south winds.
-The internal organisation of the individual class associations, special rooms and common rooms are clearly arranged and short distances are created. The Freisinger Straße is at the same time the entrance of the secondary school and distributor of the different areas (short ways and therefore easy orientation). Furthermore, meeting rooms are offered.
-The main building of the secondary school consists of a basement, a ground floor with common rooms and the prominently positioned library, as well as two upper floors with the respective class associations.
-The two-storey head building of the WFO houses an inviting entrance with foyer which is accessible via Alter Markt Straße. The administration rooms are located on the upper floor.

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