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Rescue and Fire Brigade Control Centre Feldkirch

The elongated, partly two-legged structure extends parallel to the existing building of the State Fire Brigade School.

Access is provided from the existing large inner courtyard, and traffic access is from Leusbündtweg, opposite the existing Rotkreuz garages. The new garages are also planned there.

The necessary functions will be arranged along a north-south oriented development axis. The functional area of the control centre is located on a base structure on the 1st floor. The two floors are connected by a staircase, which is located in a two-storey hall open to the west. The strict structural shape of the building is intended to reflect the technical use of the building. The cantilevered part of the control center on the first floor is intended to emphasize the control center and to spatially enclose the large courtyard of the state fire school.

The required mandatory parking spaces are either in the designated garage or in the area of the existing courtyard.

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