Residential Complex Prinz-Eugen-Park Munich

Project data




20.000 m2

48.1643, 11.6302

Housing Estate in Munich,
Prinz-Eugen-Park Master plan, Construction Lot 1 (WA1 and WA2)

EU-wide Architectural Competition,
Stage 2, 2014

Architectural concept

The design of the structures results from an interweaving of large and small-scale considerations. The external appearance of the dissolved perimeter block development completely fulfils the requirements for integration into the new quarter in terms of volume and shape.
A contribution to the realisation of a uniform overall appearance of the new district on the site of the former Prinz-Eugen barracks is an explicit goal of this project.
On the courtyard side within the residential block, however, the shaping process of grouping individual elements creates the individual and independent character of the development. The building design is, and this is of fundamental importance, not the result of a formal overmodelling, but the result of a free grouping of the required housing arrangements or the floor plan typologies developed from them.
The project concept combines the urbanistic composition of buildings (volume, shell) in the perimeter block development with the idea of a form-giving concept as a reflection of social diversity and mixing.

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