Residential complex Eipeldauer Straße

Project data



Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


48.2582, 16.4395

Nachwuchsspieler*in - Reinforcement for the Josef Bohmann Hof!

The challenge: a 650 m long building site with many different neighborhoods.
The junior player* accepts the challenge and shows itself as self-confident to the urban space of the Eipeldauer Straße as adaptable to the existing building. It responds with its variance in height and building depth. The result is an urban score of distinctive design and address formation.

Urban and architectural solution
With its serial basic structure, the economic specifications of the client are met and a main focus is placed on high-quality apartments. Small-scale, manageably sized apartment buildings create familiarity to the interior and allow for shallow apartment floor plans with many apartments exposed from two sides.
The opportunity to further develop the car-free district is taken advantage of. House entrances and the different appropriation zones of the multifunctional base zone are oriented on two sides, to the street and to the courtyard.
After a technical examination of the building ground, an underground garage solution without a technically complex underpinning of the sports field is proposed as a more economical solution. The degree of sealing is reduced and a long-term utilization potential is secured.

The Josef Bohmann Hof gets a new face to the urban space. The structure of the junior players* enters into dialogue with the row of trees along the street. Groups of trees alternate with parts of buildings. The camouflage of the pallet garages is no longer necessary.

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