Raiffeisenbank St. Pölten Region

Project data




10.000 m2

48.2017, 15.6206

Interior Design Concept for 18 Bank Branches
Invited Competition, 2018


Raiffeisenbank Lower Austria Region aims to redesign its branches. The aim of the project is to develop an open, light-flooded, and clearly arranged new branch concept. It will be based on the two bank branches in St. Pölten and Traismauer.

The Raiffeisenbank Lower Austria Region impresses their customers with its regional roots in combination with innovative products and fast, uncomplicated communications. These qualities are to be brought to the forefront with the new branch concept.


The design describes an open-plan space that forms niches and ancillary rooms through a lamella wall that surrounds the room, which can be used as more intimate meeting and consultation zones.

The lamella wall, made of oak, is a zoning element to give the easily surveyable large room the necessary steps to privacy.

Zones, within the rooms themselves, are marked by the changing flooring. Thus, the degree of privacy can be read from the hardness of the flooring. From the robust concrete surface to wood and soft textile flooring, a clear allocation of space is created without vertical barriers.

Open information areas direct customers to transparent and comfortable waiting areas, where bank employees can quickly pick up their customers. Here, the initial customers' communication and simple question-answer topics can be discussed.

The variously designed information desks and counters provide a quick overview, due to their diversity, and thus, facilitate easy orientation for future customers.

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