Our New House 2019

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Awards / Phase

3.3rd place


48.2031, 16.3939

Reconstruction, Extension and Renovation of the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions

3rd Prize, 2-Stage Architectural Competition


The rethinking of the urbanistic matrix of the existing area, the formulation of the new access, the creation of a distinctive design of the building structure, the innovative approaches of the new concept, an optimal, economical and sustainable implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The independent, solitary arrangement of the compact and stratified fourteen-storey building, and the overlapping with the land and open space, result in a complex urban identity-forming structure.

With its contextual approach as an extension of the existing structure, reshaping and creation of the forecourt and consideration of the surrounding existing buildings, "Our New House" is an important urbanistic gesture.

The proposed adaptation of the building structure integrates both the requirements of an adequate urban development measure and considerations of organisational and functional aspects into an overall architectural concept. The stacking of the required cubature creates a body, which creates a differentiated space situation through its outer form at the entrance, located on Erdbergstraße, while the resulting functional overlapping in the interior generates spatial transitions and finally functional connections for the special functions. The succinct formulation towards Erdbergstraße creates an adequate entrance area, which also offers a great urban spatial quality in the transition to the public.

With its architectural concept, the new building is intended to convey a social, cultural and productive environment that meets the requirements.

The core idea of the design is as follows: instead of erecting a new and independent building next to the existing structure of the office tower, "old" and "new" are intertwined to form a whole. The activation of the lower upper floors of the existing building outlines, which are not required for office use, is not only interesting from a construction management point of view, but in combination with the new building component creates density and thus efficiency in terms of internal communication, work processes and interrelationships and social exchange.

The skilful utilization of all existing areas and the decision in favor of an extension will result in a remarkable optimization of space and volume.

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