Ocean University - Kalametiya Sri Lanka

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20.000 m2

6.0978, 80.959


The Ocean University in Kalametiya (Sri Lanka) is a campus of short distances. The clear division and allocation of the buildings on the campus site makes a clear impression, and it leaves open possibilities for expansion and development areas. The campus ensemble is similar to a village structure. In the midst of an orderly structure Campus superordination, learning and leisure zones open up and define communication spaces. Hence, the university as a community of learning, and the university as a village.

The campus is closely integrated into the surrounding flora, and it is specially designed for the climatic conditions. Awnings and passive shading systems, made from regional resources, take into account the special climatic conditions. Water basins, some of which are installed in front of the building facades, passively control the microclimatic conditions and to cool the air.

The buildings on the campus are designed as atrium houses. It can therefore limit solar overheating during the summer months, due to the shaded courtyard in the centre. Together with the intelligent facade, they function as a natural ventilation system.

One of the main aspects of this project is the careful use of local resources. The building structures are a mix of concrete and wooden elements. Due to small span widths and simple detailed designs, the buildings can be constructed in a short time and with simple means. Intelligent facades allow a reduction in the amount of glass and conceive a positive ecological footprint.

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