New Town Hall with Ballroom

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Awards / Phase

1.1st place


10.000 m2

48.1976, 15.7635

New Town Hall Böheimkirchen

1st Prize, EU-wide Competition

Architecture / Urban Planning Situation

The orientation of the property, the existing situation in relation to the location in the centre of the village with connection to the park and Michelbach, to the church and the main street, result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses on the building site.

The rethinking of the design of the existing area with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the access, the creation of a distinctive design of the building structure, taking into account an optimal and economical implementation, form the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The surrounding area gets a concise, urbanistic sign.

The independent, solitary arrangement of the partly three-storey, compact building connects to the park and accesses from the main road.

The compact building will be implemented optimally to the premises according to the space and function program.

The structuring and setting of the entrance to the town is done by positioning the new building. A new garden situation with an ideally usable open space directly assigned to the park and the avenue as well as an intimate open space protected in the inner courtyard will be created.

The positioning of the building structure ensures that all functions are optimally exposed to the sun.


The development of the new community centre is separated by the main road. A common entrance, which leads through a covered forecourt directly into the foyer, serves as a central hub and communication area. It provides access to the community service with an event area and café.

The internal development concept with a central foyer allows clear orientation and short distances, horizontally and vertically, throughout the building.

The event area and café can also be accessed via the park. The new building is integrated into the existing network of paths, which will be upgraded by the new routing through and across the new community centre.

Organization / Function

The internal organisation of the individual units is clearly structured, and short distances are maintained. The hall is, at the same tim, the hub and distributor for the different areas, and it extends over 3 floors.

The areas of use are clearly separated on all floors, thus achieving short distances and easy orientation.

The arrangement of the event halls allows easy external use and a possible clear closure to the rest of the building. For uses in case of events, areas on the ground floor, such as the assembly hall, can be connected separately from the rest of the building. If required, all areas function independently and can be separated from the other groups.

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