Meissnergasse Terrace School

Project data




10.000 m2

48.2465, 16.4375


The elementary school Meißnergasse is extended by further elementary school classrooms and a new secondary school. During the expansion, special attention will be paid to the continuation of the school's operations, especially the teaching.
The new terrace school in Meißnergasse is a logical extension of the prevailing urban development concept. It forms a typical block perimeter, but with its divergent design, it brings an increase in quality in many areas of learning and growth for pupils.


The School of Common Ground seeks the connection between old and new, between inside and outside, and between primary school and secondary school.

Essentially, a self-contained system (security and overview), consisting of afternoon and special classrooms, will be arranged on the ground floor and will form a ring with the existing building, which will connect the two schools in the future

This access concept, of the round tour, allows views to the outside. It encloses the school canteen and the generously laid out schoolyard, which can be used together.

Terraces and Open Space

A common courtyard
The compactly planned building with its two arms, which carefully close the gap between the existing building and the new school, form the heart of the newly created school complex, the inner courtyard.
In a protected, not closed-off atmosphere, it houses a hard pitch, which can be converted into a student stadium. If required, it can also be used as a festival and event area.

Tree population and replacement plantings
Green areas and a lush tree population offer places to rest and relax. The simple idea, important in everyday education, of "just lie in the meadow and stare at the clouds".

Green terraces for learning and recreation
The green terraces - formed by free classes and open areas - create a high-quality, multi-playable learning and teaching area on the upper floors. Herbology, Biology, reading in the green area, or group activities can take place here.

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