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30.000 m2

47.2707, 11.3994

The Vertical Campus
A University Campus for the 21st Century

2nd Stage, EU-wide Open Architectural Competition, 2016


The campus - Latin for "the field" - is an extension that connects all the different facilities of a university via an open network of paths.

In the 21st century, the MCI will deal with this spatial challenge by means of a compact, vertical arrangement of flexible spatial structures and differentiated open spaces: the vertical campus.

The diverse greenery of the Hofgarten, an attractive leisure and recreation area, will be given a new urban gesture, that will be introduced at the beginning: the MCI Plaza.
A newly created cycle path, along the widened 5-metre pavement on Kaiser-Jäger-Straße, links public cycle traffic to the old town, while also facilitating mobility for many students.

The new MCI campus is proposed as a clear, square body with an even more compact design than the first level and, together with the Social Science Institute (SOWI), forms a new urban plaza. This urban area is activated by changing the underground parking ramp of the SOWI to the MCI.

By moving away from the Hofgarten wall, a new green intermediate space is created, which allows space for various cultural and regional activities near the Hofgarten. A proposal to have the Hofgarten Cinema project movies on the historical Hofgarten wall and to expand the area as a public space.

In order to create as little height development as possible, the "faculty houses" on the lecture hall base were designed as independent structures. On the one hand, this provides a loosened up urbanistic basic structure corresponding to the building task and, on the other hand, an identity-creating building geometry.

Promenade Architectural

The main development - "promenade architectural" - flows from the Plaza into the central hall via learning and group work areas into the lecture halls and seminar rooms with adjoining open spaces, green courtyards, and spacious roof terraces.
The central hall, the vertical foyer of the MCI, is a spatial focal point, the heart of the new building. The vertical development of the hall allows the creation of a compact space with subtle height developments.
The structure is permeated by courtyards and terraces on all levels, and it creates a strong reference to the outside world on all levels.

Central Area

The MCI is composed of a glass ground floor zone with divergent facilities such as a 24/7 Learning Center, reference library and cafeteria, and an impressive lecture hall center. These programs will provide a wide range of opportunities.

Congresses, events, cultural happenings, regional markets, student parties or representative international events can be held on the freely addable ground floor.

In addition, expandable rooms will be created in the students' learning, working areas, and in the seminar area, which will extend into their surrounding courtyards as covered terraces and balconies.

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