Living in the Seestadt Aspern

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5.000 m2

48.227, 16.5016

The Three Sisters

Housing Initiative Seestadt Aspern
Together with Aphrodite Bauträger AG

The urban development concept of this project reacts to the specifications of the master plan, and it is part of the tooth development between public green space (Parking Zone) and side street.
The number of 21 - 23 residential units per building is intended to promote manageability and identification with the place of residence.
In the following areas, the three-part structure represents a new interpretation of the characteristic façade of a Gründerzeit house.

1. Flex Zone:
Entrance zone, local and common rooms on the ground floor

2. Apartment Buildings:
Standard living floors

3. Roofscapes:
Maisonettes and community terraces

Staggered and rythmised loggia elements determine the main façade in the zone (3). The balcony elements rhytmise the regular floors (2). The higher floor heights on the ground floor also allow commercial use. The quiet ground floor zone forms a plinth (1). The simple perforated facades each have 4 different window sizes, which act as a surface due to their different offset and proportions.

Different types of flats, each with special, allocated open spaces, are stacked to form a new typology. An individual open space is assigned to each apartment.

The individual types of flats are protected from mutual views by their orientation and spatial closures (loggias).

Introverted, courtyard-like situations and park-like scenarios connect to extroverted, street-related spaces. The large inner courtyards offer a differentiated open space design with public street space, seating and separating-furniture together with planting create a barrier to the public.

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