Living at Mühlbachquartier

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Awards / Phase

IIn construction


25.000 m2


Alpenland in cooperation with NWBG / WET

48.1989, 15.6402

​6 Gardens - 1 Home
Living at Mühlbach

1st Prize - Invited Competition, 2017
Together with: Alpenland AG + WET Gruppe


A communal interaction as a central motivator for a healthy neighbourhood development: Coming home through gardens - Meeting the neighbours - A nice chat in the garden.

This project is a strategy that addresses an urban script, based on a minimum of structured elements and guidelines, thus allowing maximum freedom for development.

The structure: the Angle + six villas + their green gardens are characterised like a score of diversity, liveliness, adaptability, permeability and variability. The individual compact residential units are part of the common, flexible structure and open for individual adaptations.

Since pluralism, diversity, multi-colouring and liveliness have become the key characteristics of urban space, programme diversity and adaptability/flexibility of spaces have become increasingly important arguments in the choice of working and living space.

The neutral typology and the vast area, covered by the housing units, allow flexibility for the in-between space and for the organisation of the living space. The distinction between the public and the private, the borders and the transitions, is elastic, and it is determined by the needs of the inhabitants.

Mühlbachquartier - Collectively Together

The formation of communities is an elementary part in the formation of the living quarters. Through common meeting places - the arbours in the garden - parents and their children meet while playing, elderly people gather herbs, working people coming home through the underground car park, or students who just arrive by bike.

"Platzln" - Small squares as intersections in the network of paths that invite you to linger and create identity-giving spaces for orientation.

The Gardens are the generous meadows within the quarter form a flowing open space and open towards the west. This is where Mühlbachpark, a playing, leisure and recreation area for the residents, is docked. The location, being close to Mühlbach and the opening of the gardens, creates a special, natural microclimate in the quarter.

Building Structure Composition - Score of the Gardens

The structures of the south and east development, due to their compact circulation, are to be understood as houses. The compact volumes recede along the south and east edges and form a dynamic, varied succession of buildings. - the Green Buffer.

In the centre of the quarter, the garden villas are found together with the divergent green gardens. A relaxed building composition is created by high efficiency in the structural design of the garden villas - referencing to the core typologies of terraced and stepped houses.

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