Liebigstraße Linz Retirement Home

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Competition for a Retirement Home in Liebigstraße in Linz

The internal organisation of the individual units is clearly structured and short distances are maintained. The foyer is at the same time the hub and distributor for the different areas and is continued on the residential floors with the control centre.

On the ground floor are the adjoining rooms of the dormitory and the day centre. The areas of the two units are partially combined due to their thematic uses.

The general supply rooms for the dormitory and the day centre are compactly implemented in the northern part. Recreation and exercise rooms on the ground floor can be opened up generously towards the inner courtyard.

The multi-functional room in connection with the prayer room can also be fully assigned to the garden.

The residential floors are implemented as standard floors on the upper floors 1-3. The room layouts are compact and clearly structured in order to offer the residents maximum flexibility in designing their rooms. The common areas are each assigned to the inner courtyard and, with a directly connected balcony, can also be connected to the outside area. The differentiated arrangement of these areas per residential department differentiates the residential floors from one another.

The control centre and the service rooms are located in the southern part of the senior citizens' centre. In the main access area, direct communication with visitors on the one hand and optimal supervision is guaranteed on the other. In addition, green inner courtyards are cut into the building structure, which allow for the illumination of the corridors and create visual relationships within the building. Mother and child living

The inner development concept allows clear orientation and short distances, horizontally and vertically, in all areas. New concentrated living areas as well as groups of apartments are created for the residents.

The strict separation of counselling and housing defines clear areas of retreat for the residents. Recreation rooms with spacious terraces allow for easy communication on the floors of the apartments.

The common rooms with direct access to the courtyard, which is protected from view, are located on the ground floor.

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