Krems School Centre

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30.000 m2

48.4076, 15.6008

1st Prize, Competition

Architectural Concept

A characteristic inner-city development and higher buildings form the urban framework for the new school building. Different functions (special, polytechnic, secondary modern school and gymnasiums) are combined in one building form and organized in such a way that there are school type-related room closures.

The compact structure, which is located on the north-western boundary of the site (Edmund Hofbauer Straße), allows the rest of the site to be kept free, thus offering the largest possible undeveloped open space planned for a wide range of outdoor uses.

By cutting into the volume of the building and creating courtyards, patio and assembly hall, accesses, areas of use and views are defined.

The access area to the school centre is formed by the common entrance via the forecourt, accessible via Edmund Hofbauer Strasse, which leads to the 2-storey assembly hall. An additional entrance, e.g. optional for the special school, is from the south.

The assembly hall serves as a place for meetings and events and is, at the same time, the hub and distributor for the various functional areas.

The internal organisation of the individual areas is clearly arranged and connected by short distances. A smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces and their interspaces enables the variety of use necessary in school operations.

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