Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences Krems

Project data



Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


10.000 m2

48.4075, 15.5884

Campus Building with Laboratory and Lecture Halls

2nd Prize, Competition, 2012


The orientation of the site and the existing situation of the campus area, and the future expandability of the ensemble result in the positioning and arrangement of the building masses at the location.

The starting point of the conceptual approach, with an optimal and economical implementation taken into account, is formed by having the design of the existing area with regard to its entirety, the formulation of the access, and the creation of a distinctive design of the building structures.

The surrounding area will be given a concise, urbanistic sign. The four-storey compact building will be arranged in an independent, solitary arrangement with direct connections to the existing campus functions and to the creation of a development zone that will allow a direct connection to future extensions. A compact building, with optimal implementation of the premises according to the space and function program, will be designed. The structuring and setting of the open space is determined by the position of the new building. A new open space situation will be created ideally on the ground floor with a usable forecourt that is directly assigned to the auditorium and ballroom. On the office floor, patios are assigned, as additional outdoor spaces, to the meeting rooms and lounges. The positioning of the building structure ensures optimal sunlight exposure for all seminar, laboratory and office zones. The fire station is accessed via the access road to the south, which also connects to the underground garage.

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