ISTA Laboratory Building

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The concept of the LAB 3 building is based on the master plan of the new campus area, the new planned park in front of the central building, the existing development of the IST Austria ensemble and topographically special landscape.

The creation of a contemporary building with an unmistakable design, taking into account the innovative approaches of the building services concept, as well as an economical implementation of the space requirement plan in the interest of the user, is the starting point of the conceptual idea.

The surroundings get a concise, urbanistic sign

Arrangement of a four-storey, compact and articulated structure partially inserted into the slope, facing northwest.

Creation of the structural completion of the access area of the ISTA site with a large open space as a forecourt and garden in the south-east of the property

Access is planned from the car park and restaurant, with cycle paths and footpaths, or from the central building via the spacious forecourt, which can be used as a venue and meeting place. The internal organisation of the research and development department is The internal organisation of the research and teaching units is clearly arranged and short distances and the hall as a vertical foyer, barrier-free.

The hall, which extends over four floors, is at the same time the hub and distributor for the various units of use, serves as a meeting point and extended recreational and buffer zone for the seminar rooms.

A clear separation of the two usage units (office and laboratory) from the central hall allows undisturbed operation, but at the same time offers the possibility of using the open floor plan solution in the hall area as a communication and recreation area.

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