Institute Building of the University of Vienna

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30.000 m2

48.22, 16.3558

New Construction of Institute Building
University of Vienna

1st Prize, Architectural Competition

Architectural Concept

On the basis of a competition won in 1999, a valid planning document for the development possibilities was created. Within the framework of these specifications, a space and function program for the Faculty of Computer Science and the Departmental Libraries of Chemistry and Computer Science was developed together with the university.

The main access to the new institute building is from Währingerstraße through a spacious hall with a view into the designed inner courtyard. From this entrance, the lecture hall centre in the basement. the university library, the access to the institutes and seminar rooms in the upper floors are accessible. This results in an optimal orientation in the building to the different main uses.

The university library also has its own internal access system with an additional book lift, which is also equipped for the disabled. This 2nd access is due to the security requirements of the library. The building structure is characterised by the specifications of the zoning. It also represents a gap between buildings on Währingerstraße, but is L-shaped with the courtyard tract via an internal access joint (access and supply core). The bay window on Währingerstraße connects the different building lines of the neighbouring houses, and a break in the upper floors takes up the different building heights of the neighbouring buildings.

Via a municipal inner courtyard, one can reach the new main entrance of the University Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the newly planned dormitory and other parts of the 9th district via a passageway.

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