Hütteldorf Sports Academy

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20.000 m2

48.1951, 16.2672

Feasibility Study for Wien West Secondary School with Training Facilities for Competitive Sports

The property is located on the outskirts of the city to the west of Vienna. The immediate surroundings are characterised by a heterogeneous building structure. In the neighborhood bordering to the south there are apartment buildings with up to 6 floors.
The northern border is bordered by the Westbahn railway line, owned by the ÖBB. To the west is the Deutschordenstraße with underpass and the Park and Ride building. Due to the railway traffic, noise pollution is to be expected and must be taken into account in the development of the concept and planning.

The closed building envelope, with an incised playground above the gymnasiums and the assembly hall, creates a compact structure. This enables a high degree of economy and an energy-efficient building (small facade area - low-energy house).
All teaching classes are oriented to the south-west towards the residential area with a tree population in between, which serves as a buffer zone. The special classrooms look into the schoolyard, to the south-west and are thus protected from the noise of passing trains.
The building height is 12 (up to max. 13m) from the top of the site. The distance between the buildings and the railway line is 12m and has been adopted by the ÖBB as a planning basis in agreement with Mr. DI Stadler.

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