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1st Prize, Competition


Wiener Block Recycled

The dissolution of the block structure is the urban development concept of this project, which is based on the overlapping of the urban structure and the landscape. The permeability between the structural elements and in the ground floor areas enhances the transparency of the interior open space. Building structures react to the specifications of the planning aproval. The overlapping with the concrete site and the open space results in a complex urban structure. The individual apartment types are protected from mutual views by their orientation and spatial boundaries (loggias with green gardens). The large continuous interior offers differentiated public and semi-public areas, and it forms a green carpet in the area of the quiet courtyard, which extends over the sloping surface of the ramp to the green terrace of the quiet courtyard. The differentiated open space design enables permeable public green and square areas as well as secure semi-public courtyards for residents and small children.

The front garden theme is emphasized and further interpreted in various elements:

- Vertical front garden: green box in the loggias on the arcades

- Horizontal front garden: front garden in the Vorgartenstrasse and roof terraces with intensive greenery as general open spaces, equipped with sauna and sun deck.

- Green carpet: semi-public area with playable surfaces (children's playground, meeting point, resting areas, stairs for seats and berms to lie, sit and play in), which is shielded from the adjacent public passages by lenticular green hills.

In the following areas, the tripartite division of the buildings represents a new interpretation of the characteristic facades of the Wiener Block:

1. entrance zone, pubs and ancillary rooms on the ground floor, front garden facing Vorgartenstrasse, base with the pubs and ancillary rooms facing Engerthstrasse

2. standard living floors

3. rooftop living landscape

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