Housing for Generations - Vienna Ottakring

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5.000 m2

48.214, 16.306

A Pilot Project in Vienna Ottakring

The project takes up the existing topography and structure of Alt-Ottakring and closes it in front of Karl-Kantner-Park. The clearing of the listed Biedermeier country house and the creation of a public, urban open space, including the existing stock of trees, define the project.

A quiet residential courtyard with passages, a playground, green spaces, tenant gardens and roof terraces is created. Apartments that allow each unit a private open space (tenant garden, loggia, roof terrace) are part of the concept. The majority of the apartments can be ventilated crossways.

Orientation of the living spaces to the south or west and inclusion of winter garden elements for passive use of solar energy. Green roofs lead to an improvement of the microclimate situation.

Barrier-free arcades, passages and footpaths form the environment of the complex. Special attention is paid to large, covered building entrances and additional infrastructural offers.

Generous, mainly daylight-facing development areas, the arrangement of common rooms and laundry rooms on the ground floor with direct view to the children's playground and the construction of a sauna area around a green courtyard in the basement round off the project.

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