Höchst Elementary School

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Urban Planning Situation / Architecture

The examination of the context with regard to its landscape qualities as well as the location of the property results in the following: the specifications, the structure of the building dimensions and positioning on the property. The creation of an unmistakable design of the building structures, taking into account an optimal, functional and economical and ecological implementation, is the starting point of the conceptual approach.

Independent, solitary arrangement of the two-storey, compact school building with optimal implementation of the premises according to the space and function programme. Direct connections to the existing green spaces as well as a direct connection to and from the kindergarten and public access axes are proposed.

Structuring and setting of the open space by positioning the new building. Creation of new garden situations with ideally usable open space assigned to the school on the ground floor and open spaces directly assigned to the learning units on the upper floor. The positioning of the building structure ensures that all teaching and learning zones receive optimal sunlight.

Organisation / Function / Interior

The internal organisation of the individual units is clearly structured and short distances are maintained. The assembly hall is simultaneously the hub, meeting point and distributor for the different areas and extends over 2 floors.

The areas of use are clearly separated on all floors, thus achieving short distances and easy orientation. Multifunctional and flexible use of the common areas and learning rooms as well as partly the assembly hall as: Development and movement rooms, group work and recreation room, learning island for open instruction with the exchange between learning and leisure, rest and relaxation.

The concept enables open all-day school lessons with clarity (security), freedom and retreat possibilities for the children. All classrooms have direct access to the open spaces through the terraces in front of the rooms.
The central assembly hall in the focal point offers the possibility to implement an open communicative school with short distances, which makes it possible to work together. Independent areas with optimal conditions in terms of function, orientation, communication, can interact optimally with other areas.

The administration is located on the 1st floor and is connected to the learning units and the entrance area via short horizontal and vertical paths. By structuring the floor plans, all classes and groups can create a generous, individually designable learning and play landscape.

The important multi-functional area is located on the ground floor in order to provide short distances for all students and to offer optimal supervision and access to open-air areas and loggias in the vicinity of the teachers.

The kitchen area on the ground floor will be centrally located with connection to the assembly hall. Short distances between the units, short delivery routes and optimal lighting of all rooms are offered.

For larger events, there are many possibilities to combine the individual areas on the ground floor, such as the assembly hall, the seating steps and the dining area, with the outdoor areas to form large common areas and offer generous space.

The arrangement of the gymnasium allows easy external use and a possible clear closure to the rest of the building.

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