Hans Sachs Grammar School

Project data




10.000 m2

49.4631, 11.0862


The site for the new sports hall is located in the dense inner-city area of Nuremberg. The surrounding block-edge development will be torn down at the boundary of the site. A mono volume is planned in the resulting gap between the buildings, which will stand out from the rest of the street scene through its material and construction form and will face the existing building of the Hans Sachs Grammar School. The volume of the hall, the adjoining rooms and other requirements such as the number of parking spaces, together with the narrowness and shape of the site, form the shell of the sports hall.

The entrance area of the hall can be reached via the forecourt. There the distribution takes place into the changing rooms, also located on the ground floor, with their ancillary rooms or via the stairways to the upper floors. The staircases can be switched in such a way that there is a separation of the boot and sneaker area as well as for the access of spectators. The access to the sports hall and the equipment rooms as well as to the fitness room is located on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor there is a grandstand for the spectators as well as a control room and WCs for visitors.

Three important factors have a decisive influence on the location and design of the sports hall building:

- Complete fulfilment of the room programme with the triple hall size in accordance with the standards
- accommodation of the required number of pitches
- Preparation of the static concept without load transfer into the construction of the underground railway crossing the property

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