Green Brigitte

Project data




48, 16

The building reacts with its closed development to the surrounding perimeter block development. With its interruption from the 2nd floor onwards, it takes up the axis of Whelistraße. The volume is thus divided into two complementarily proportioned structures. Towards the southeast, towards the ramp of the Brigittenauerbrücke, the building is closed, thus closing the fronts of the quarter. The building site has a slope towards the Danube, towards the northeast, of approx. 1.3 m. The building responds to this with a height adjustment. The building reacts to this with a height offset at the caesura of the two structures.

The "Green Brigitte" has generously dimensioned balconies facing Traisenstrasse and Engerthstrasse, which invite greening. The two facades facing the main traffic routes, which are designed as closed fronts, will receive vertical greening. Facades facing inwards will also receive balconies and vertical greening. The roof areas above the base will be used partly as tenant gardens and partly as resident gardens. This is how the "Green Brigitte" is created.

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