Graz Kindergarten

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47.088, 15.4738

The rethinking of the overall urban structure of the surrounding buildings, green belts and the creation of a distinctive design is the starting point of the conceptual approach.

A concept based on the existing green space structure of the surrounding area, the preservation of the tree population and the creation of a high architectural standard is characterized as the identity of the new development with the greatest possible open space.

In this sense, we recognized the topographical qualities, the characteristic landscape with a valuable stock of trees, which is completely preserved, and we emphasized them by creating a kind of programmatic imprint that enters into dialogue with the surroundings.

This environment is given a propeller as a concise, urbanistic sign. The greened roof areas create a new roof landscape while complying with all building regulations.

The two-storey building is inserted or interlocked into the landscape and forms a new spatial sequence with the newly created open spaces, which lends the area new qualities.

The positioning of the buildings on the upper part of the site with sufficient distance from Stiftingtalstraße creates optimal sunlight and a generous and quiet open space assigned to the individual functional areas.

Optimal south or east and west orientation of the building parts

The wing-shaped building is interlocked with the development structure and is characterised by its scale.

Multiple use of the different rooms such as hall, access axes, corridor extensions, terraces between and in front of the group rooms forms a transparent, flexible spatial structure.

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