Former Postal Savings Bank - Adaptation

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In collaboration with Ablinger Vedral & Partner

48.21, 16.3809

Architecture Competition, 2020
In collaboration with Ablinger Vedral & Partner


Both the historical development concept and the building symmetry by Otto Wagner will be continued: The historical main entrances lead to the mezzanine floor, which will continue to form the main distribution level.

The "symmetrical logic" of the Otto Wagner building is continued in the location of the escape stairs. As can be seen in a preliminary design, round fire escape staircases were already considered by Otto Wagner at the position we proposed. This main level of the originally monofunctional building will be extended by adding new ceilings above the basement to improve the escape. The required weather protection of the escape staircases by means of a membrane roof construction will create new, common atriums / access rooms / communication rooms for the different users.

According to the tender documents 3 escape staircases have to be added. These will be evenly distributed throughout the building, arranged along the ring access system. The escape from the new staircases to the final exits follow this logic. The inner courtyards with greenery on the raised first floor will improve the energy balance, the interior climate, the quality of stay and offer new possibilities of use.

The choice of materials is based on Otto Wagner's concept. Aluminum sheeting used to clad the stairs with a diffuse shiny effect reflects the surrounding facade surfaces and underlines the lightness of the construction. The light coloring improves the atmosphere in the narrow inner courtyard. The underside of the ceiling is plastered and thus reinforced in its spiral shape, while the surface of the steps continues the terrazzo look.

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